Twenty Pointless (but hopefully interesting) Facts About Me

Last week, I was doing my usual blog reading catch up and I came across a very sweet Twenty Facts About Me post from the lovely Jo Scribbles. As bloggers, it can be really tempting to portray ourselves in a certain way in order to keep up with the Jonses, making sure that we’re on trend and interesting to our readers. So it was actually really great to get a glimpse into personal life of a person whose writing I enjoy so much and discover a little more about her. Never one to miss out on an emerging trend, I have shamelessly copied Jo (who actually took the idea from Hannah Billie Perry – blogception, y’all) and decided to do one of these posts myself. Since From The Fringe is fairly new, I thought it might be helpful for my readers to get to know me a bit better and besides, they always say bloggers are narcissistic, might as well prove the buggers right, eh?!


When asked what my favourite film is, I often reply with American Beauty even though my favourite film is actually I Love You, Man. Yes, American Beauty is a GREAT film and I love the Spacey but I never want to watch it because it’s really gritty and hard-going. Yes, American Beauty seems a much more cultured answer to that frankly panic-inducing question than a throwaway, silly film featuring Jason Segel and Paul Rudd talking about blow jobs and jamming out, but I don’t care. I Love You, Man makes me laugh so much and is definitely my go-to-cheer-up movie. So, there. I’ve outed myself as a heathen but I care not.


I have a massive aversion to foods that wobble. Jelly, blancmange, egg custard, panna cottta… if it wobbles, I don’t wanna eat it. Ack.


I’m a serial monogamist and haven’t been properly single since I was fifteen. I know this sounds like a crazy long time, but one of those relationships has been going strong for ten years so it’s not like I’ve had much chance to be anything other than monogamous! Greg and I have been together for over a decade and, the older I get, the more I realise how utterly lucky I am to have found somebody who I have the most laughs with and who continually brightens my life.


As a tee-totaller, I’m not a fan of doing things that are considered ‘cool’ like going out to clubs and getting wasted. I’d much prefer curling up on the couch and watching a film, going out for some wonderful food, or spending most of my waking life blogging. I think this probably makes me a total nerd but I can’t help it. Related to this, I do have a dreadful fear that people consider me boring and it provokes a reaction in me that is similar to when anybody calls Marty McFly a chicken. I mean, I’m going to think I’m super interesting aren’t I?! But perhaps not.


I love miniature versions of things like the tiny jam jars you get in a hotel, or travel sized shampoo, or baby shoes. I think it’s because they’re all very neat and contained and organised. Even more, I like the way that cosmetics shelves look in the supermarket because they’re just rows and rows of similarly shaped things with their labels facing outwards, perfectly lined up. Order makes me incredibly satisfied!


Illness is something that I tend to find quite easily, mostly due to the fact that I had a non-hodgkins lymphoma when I was seven years old which has dented my immune system somewhat. Coupled with the fact that I’m pretty accident prone, I’m almost always in the wars in one way or another! I feel a bit weird about being a cancer survivor because, actually, I was too little to really understand what was going on and, although I’ve been left with some minor after-effects, I really feel like it was my parents who went through it more than me.


On a similar, yet stranger, note… Food gets stuck up the back of my nose on a regular basis and doctors aren’t really sure why. There’s a suspicion that my soft palette doesn’t work properly so food gets in where there should only really be air. In fact, I’m just coming out of a yucky cold which was brought on by a grain of egg fried rice that decided to make a home for itself in the back of my face. Yep, it’s as a gross as it sounds! Notably gross experiences to date include blowing my nose only to find a garden pea in the tissue, and bringing out a piece of five-day old hamburger. So vile!


Savoury and sweet combinations are my absolute favourite thing. Cheese with fruit in, mostly all chinese food that has a sweet sauce, and pancakes covered in vinegar and sugar (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!), all delight me so.


If I had to pick a religion to subscribe to, it’d be Buddhist. I’m actually an atheist but I do believe in concepts like fate and karma, and I’m not averse to the idea of reincarnation. I think it’s healthy to keep an open to mind where these things are concerned and I enjoy trying to make sense of the world we live in in this way. However, I’m just not a fan of organised religion.


One of the biggest things I pretend about is not giving a shit what people think of me. When, in actual fact, I cannot stand it if somebody takes a dislike to me. I need to understand why and whether I can change it and whether I’ve offended them in some way. I take it really personally if people are mean to me and I’m not good at accepting criticism. I’m sure that all of these qualities make me a difficult human to be around at times so I’m working on being stronger and more resilient.



My biggest fear in life is that I’ll never amount to anything. It’s a constant source of worry and stress for me as I’m wont to put a huge amount of pressure of myself to achieve. I’m also a perfectionist to boot which makes for a lifetime of feeling unsatisfied with my progress and being completely unable to appreciate how far I’ve already come.


Speaking of achieving, my proudest accomplishment to date is my Masters degree. It is without doubt one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and it took a lot of work and tears to get to the end of it. There’s something so gratifying about feeling like you might not make it, but then digging deep and finding the strength not to fail. My Masters taught me a lot about the world, dramatically informed my feminism, and taught me a lot about myself.


My laugh is RIDICULOUS. It’s loud and hearty and certainly only appropriate for the outdoors (a place I unfortunately do not frequent). I wouldn’t change it though!


One of the happiest days of my life so far was 22nd May 2010. I was in London with Greg, his family, and my family, to watch our local football team play in the Championship Play Off Final. Everything about the day was just perfect; we had a wonderful breakfast, almost everyone who mattered to us was there, the weather was stunning, the atmosphere was incredible, and then we won the game to achieve promotion. It was joyous to celebrate with our families and we just had a fantastic day all round.


Kindness and compassion are the qualities I value most in a person. I can’t bear people who are rude to service staff, have no manners, or aren’t considerate about other people. I just don’t think there’s any excuse for being so ignorant that you believe you’re superior to anybody else.


Food is my vice. I live a constant battle between wanting to lose weight and wanting to eat everything in sight (eating all of the things usually wins). Food brings me so much joy and I basically spend my entire life thinking about when I’m next going to be able to eat.


I once participated in a World Gymnastics Competition in Portugal even though I can’t do gymnastics at all. It was organised through school and – step aside backflippers – I’m fairly sure that my forward roll was the highlight of the entire thing. When I think about it now, it was pretty ridiculous because all I did was dance around BUT I still have the claim the fame and sometimes like to pretend that I had the childhood of Claudia Fragapane.


My secret ninja skill is that I’m quite good at singing. The problem is, I can never reveal it to you because I’d have to kill you. Speaking of killing, the artists I am most likely to scream along to in the car are Adele, Beyonce, and Ariana Grande. I can’t sing like any of those people, but I can hold a tune. Only, I will very rarely show anybody because it frightens the guacamole out of me.


I have a cat called Juno who is my life. Honestly, she’s like my child. As an example, I’ve spent the past week buying things that will help to keep her warm (only for her to promptly reject them all in true cat style) and I’m already planning to buy her a Christmas advent calendar and maybe even a festive jumper. I forgot how deeply you could love an animal and she makes my heart melt everyday.


Greg is most definitely the money-saver in our relationship, whereas I am FANTASTIC at spending. However, I only like to spend on things that I think are good value so will very rarely buy anything designer, will buy most of my clothes in the sale or with gift vouchers, and absolutely adore a bargain. (Yes, I’m one of those people that tells you how much an item was if you mention it). I really hate parting with cash unless the item fits into one of the three aforementioned criteria.

Okay, now it’s your turn! Tell me something interesting about you! Do you relate to any of my little quirks? Are there any other jelly haters out there?! I need to know.



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  • Ksenia

    Love this! Never thought 20 facts could be so interesting, but it tells you so much about life and values and things you can do. Definitely going to get on this blog post train, choo choo πŸ˜€ x

    • Ah thanks so much for reading Ksenia! Looking forward to reading your post :):) xx

  • I thought 7 was bad enough but then I got to number 8 and almost hurled. I HATE sweet and savoury/sour together, it’s definitely at the top of my list of things I can’t stand! And you and Greg are so cute in that photograph! A decade together is quite an achievement.

    Your comment about your parents being the ones who “went through” your cancer resonated. Thomas almost died when he was 7 (appendix op that went extremely wrong) and spent 3 months in hospital. His parents are still hugely affected by it, it’s clear that it influenced pretty much all their parenting from that point on and they will still get emotional when the subject comes up, whereas he can’t really remember anything about it so is pretty blasΓ©.

    • Also “my laugh is… only appropriate for the outdoors (a place I unfortunately do not frequent)” made me do MY insanely loud laugh. Are you me?

    • Pahaha, perhaps I shouldn’t have put those together in hindsight! Ah thanks so much, yeah we’re doing alright πŸ™‚ <3

      Oh goodness, it sounds like Thomas and I have had very similar experiences in that sense. I think it affected my parents more than I'll ever know and I think it has definitely prevented me from claiming any sort of 'survivor' status – I find the whole thing very awkward because I was just there experiencing it as a child and not really knowing what was going on. Don't get me wrong, there were parts that were horrible to go through as I'm sure was the same for Thomas, but there isn't the same worry and concern as a child! Glad to hear that both of us are fine and dandy now though πŸ™‚

      Pahaha I would love to hear your outdoor laugh! Imagine the pair of us together!! xx

  • Jo

    I love this post! (And I love the dress you’re wearing in that first photo!) Suzy, we are strangely similar. I do drink, but I also do not like blogging! I do like going out to a pub, but I am equally happy staying in and watching movies or going for food! But I also worry about people thinking I’m boring; I read a lot, I blog a lot, it’s not the most exciting of lives, haha!

    I, too, really don’t like it if people don’t like me. I try so hard to be nice and friendly. It just makes me feel so sad… and *so* uncomfortable around them, like I’m constantly being judged. It makes me feel small and want to curl in on myself, when I’d rather be, “Screw you, I’m bloody awesome!” But that’s not so easy, haha!

    Oh my good god, your food getting stuck at the back of your nose thing sounds absolutely awful! How do you bear it, when old food eventually comes out? God, you poor lady!

    Congrats on your Masters, that’s just so awesome! Such an achievement, especially as you weren’t sure you were going to make it. It’s so wonderful that you were able to really do the work and get yourself there. So awesome.

    I am jealous of your gymnastic and singing abilities. I, unfortunately, cannot sing, and I don’t even think I can do a good forward roll, so.

    Really loved getting to know you better, Suzy! And thank you for linking to my post!

    • Ahhh Jo, see this is why I love blogging so – finding kindred spirits! At least we know that if we ever met up, there’d be no pressure to do anything conventionally ‘interesting’ haha πŸ™‚

      Yes, I get that exact feeling of wanting to curl in on myself – it’s horrible! Trying to work on it but it’s not easy is it?! Especially when you’re a sensitive person who puts a lot of stock in how people feel!

      Oh it’s totally vile, it really is the weirdest of afflictions! I’m thankfully now getting over the fried-rice-induced-cold haha.

      Thanks for your lovely comments and, just to confirm, I have ZERO gymnastics ability…. ha!! xxx