Thirty Before Thirty

thirty before thirty from the fringe

Since one of my aims in life is to squeeze as much out of the world as humanly possible, I decide to create a list of goals that I’d like to achieve before I’m thirty-years-old (I’m too impatient for a bucket list!) I’ll be writing about some of the items as I check them off so keep up with my Thirty Before Thirty progress on this page.

1. Go to Glastonbury (read it)
2. Enter a writing competition
3. See Beyonce in concert
4. Go and watch a play
5. Get promoted or get a new job which is further up the ladder
6. Do at least ten kind things for total strangers (progress: 1)
7. Travel to America or Canada
8. Watch The Sopranos in its entirety
9. Learn to embrace change instead of shying away from it
10. Get to a weight/fitness I’m happy with
11. Get published somewhere (read it)
12. Run in a race
13. Sing somewhere public
14. Meet a blogger in person (outside of a networking scenario)
15. Own a pet
16. Learn to play guitar or piano
17. Meet a sloth
18. Eat Michelin starred food
19. Raise at least £1000 for charity (progress: £100)
20. Throw a substantial party
21. Engage in some feminist activism / join a feminist group
22. Start writing a novel
23. Learn to take compliments
24. Have a wardrobe that doesn’t feature Primark clothes as the majority
25. Start a business
26. Save at least £1000
27. Get back into learning French again
28. Write letters to the people I love and tell them why they are important to me
29. Move out of my home town
30. Learn how to make macarons