Things That Made Me Happy This Week #12

Oh my, I feel as though this week has lasted for about four hundred years. I haven’t been at work but I have been committed to something else non-fun so it has been a bit of a limbo sort of week. In fact, I’ve had a sort of shut down in terms of social media and everything because I think I just needed some time to regroup. Besides, after our friends across the water decided to nominate a buffoon as President, there was plenty of excuse to stay away from the real world!

Anyway, enough about all of that, here’s what made me happy this week!


A chance to regroup:

I hadn’t realised how desperately in need of a break I was. I mean, I had been feeling pretty frazzled in general but, when I caught a cold this weekend and forced myself to lay on the couch all day, I felt so relieved. This general shutting myself off carried through to the rest of the week and it has been so lovely to allow myself time without guilt to just sleep, watch some TV, spend time with Greg, and relax. I haven’t been driving to work every day which has been a giant burden off my shoulders too. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve had time off without spending it organising every inch of my life so I feel quite proud of myself!

Hot water bottles:

You guys, my house is freezing in winter. It’s an old house with nooks and crannies and gaps and draughts and, as a person who needs virtually no encouragement to be chilly, I spend October until April trying to stay warm. This year though, there has been a game changer. HOT WATER BOTTLES. They’re amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before but they’re so super and they have basically changed my life forever because I don’t have to be cold anymore. Tell me that’s not something to be delighted about.

Trivial Pursuit with strangers:

Wednesday found me stuck in a waiting room with a group of strangers…waiting. All of us bored, antsy, and going nowhere fast, we spied Trivial Pursuit lurking around on one of the tables and promptly got a game going. I am terrible at general knowledge, but thankfully so was everybody else and we embarked on possibly the longest ever game of Trivial Pursuit known to man. It was hilariously competitive in a way that only a board game with strangers could be (everybody’s worst traits immediately revealed themselves) and before we knew it, we were like an estranged family at Christmas time.

Glittery marshmallows:

You should know that I’m not a huge fan of Christmassing before December. Rather than that being because I’m a Grinch, it’s actually because I love Christmas so much that I’m worried about spoiling it by dragging it on too long. However, I ordered a hot chocolate in Costa this week and was subsequently offered a Christmas cup and a Christmas flavour. I decided to go for the toasted marshmallow hot chocolate which, when I removed the lid, I discovered was topped with GLITTERY MARSHMALLOWS. What the eff more could you want in terms of Christmas?!

Autumn / winter television:

It’s getting to that time of year where my TV schedule is totally packed thanks to the return of all of the awesome winter programming. And, because I’ve had a lot less on my plate than normal, I’ve actually been able to enjoy it guilt free! So I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been an utter couch potato this week, consuming more episodes of Catfish and Masterchef than I could possibly tell you.

All of the things that made me smile this week were absolutely minuscule and sometimes, that’s okay. I haven’t done anything major, I’ve spent a huge amount of time in my pyjamas in front of the television, and I just wanted to be generally very insular. I think this is definitely reflected in this week’s happiness post but the focus for me was very much on the small joys, something which has been a delightfully refreshing change.

How was your week? What have you all been getting up to? What made you smile? I wanna hear about it!


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  • Ksenia

    It’s official. ‘Things that made me happy’ has become part of my weekly routine. This involves waiting with anticipation for an updated From the Fringe, making a hot cup of something, and sitting down to properly tuck into your post. Big love <3

    Keep them coming (interspersed with plenty of rest, hot water bottling and self care of course!) x

    • You absolute sweetheart!! What a lovely thing to say, I’m glad they’re going down so well!! And yes, I love doing them so there’s no intention of stopping soon 🙂 lots of hugs xx

  • Jo

    I know I keep saying, but I really, really love these posts, Suzy!

    Your regrouping sounds awesome, and so well needed and much deserved! I think most of us feel guilty at the thought of sitting around doing nothing when there’s so much that needs to be done, but I think it’s essential to just pause every now and then, and give yourself a break. I think we need time to just simply be, you know? Without the stress and hassle of everything else. It’s important! So I’m really glad you got to last week, and had a chance to really relax 🙂

    Oh my gosh, so following on from what I said in my comment on your last post, we are really strangely similar! I, too, am pretty much always bloody cold. To the point where Summer always seems kind of mythical to me, because is it really possible to be warm? Even though it happens every year, it always seems so far off, and such a dream to leave the house and want to take things off rather than bundle up. I keep a blanket and a big fleece on the back of the sofa where I sit, simply because there’s no point putting them away as I’ll have to dig them out again every day. I actually got excited when we turned our heating on this year, haha! So I am right there with you. As clever as using hot water bottles sounds… I’d end up making the water bill so high with how often I’d refill it, haha. It’ll be cheaper to stick with the fleece and the blanket.

    Oh my god, I absolutely love that you and a group of strangers decided to play Trivial Pursuit in a waiting room! We British are so unfriendly in general, I think, it’s just incredible to me that all of you decided to play together. Most people don’t like it when someone sits next to them on a bus and tries to have a chat with them. Yet you guys didn’t just start talking, you played a game together. That is so completely wonderful. And yet, although I don’t know you well, I’m not really surprised that you were part of that group. It just seems like a you thing to do, as you’re so friendly and lovely. 🙂

    Another awesome post, Suzy!

    • It’s so lovely to know that people are enjoying them – they’re a joy to write too!

      Oh gosh, the guilt has been hard going both this week and last week but I keep trying to just push it to the side because I know that I need to rest. It’s just trying to battle to convince my brain of the same haha! I’m learning though 🙂

      So funny that we’re both always freezing (although it seems kind of obvious at this point haha). I’m EXACTLY the same, the blanket is just folded up behind my place on the couch each night haha!! So funny.

      You’re so sweet, thanks for continually being a lovely presence in my blog comments – I so appreciate it!! <3

  • I definitely need a “re-group” session in my life sometime soon. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

    • Do it, lovely! I’d definitely recommend it! Thanks for stopping by 🙂