Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #17

Okay. I’ve got to admit that, in contradiction to my Joyous January feature, I have actually really struggled to be positive this week. I’m not sure if it’s delayed onset of post-Christmas blues or what, but I’ve been feeling just the tiniest bit sad all week and haven’t properly been able to shake it. BUT. There was still lots to be happy about during the last seven days and that is the absolute point of these posts so let’s continue with a round up of my highlights from this week.


1. Moana:

I love a trip to the cinema and I’d go as often as I possibly could if you didn’t need to re-mortgage your house just to get a ticket. On Saturday, we headed off to watch Moana which turned out to be incredibly sweet and charming and good grief am I a sucker for a catchy tune. Okay, it was very Disney and lacked the edge of a Pixar animation but it was still delightfully warm and fun to watch. I’m definitely putting Moana’s song on my playlist for next week to inspire me to have a more positive time!

2. New Year success:

Yes, I’m fully aware that we’re only thirteen days in but my new year goals are going swimmingly so far! I’ve dramatically increased my intake of fruit and vegetables which is making me feel very healthy and proud, I’ve stopped using make up wipes in favour of micellar water, cleanser and toner (my skin looks amazing), and I’ve also moisturised my body nearly every day. These are the tiniest of wins and I actually haven’t made much progress on my bigger goals, but start small, right?!

3. Sanctuary:

As I mentioned, I’ve had a weird week emotionally and all I’ve wanted is to be tucked away at home. My home is my sanctuary and I just adore having somewhere to take refuge and close the door on the outside world. As fellow residents of that sanctuary, Greg and Juno have been very supportive of me by tolerating my moping about and listening to me ranting about the most pointless and self-absorbed nonsense you’ve ever heard. And, although she does not share my residence, Beth has been amazing this week for the very same reason. You know you’re lucky when you’ve got friends and family with whom you can share your innermost ridiculous feelings about the world and not be judged.

4. Wellness returning:

Since Boxing Day, Greg and I have both been poorly pretty much continuously. A sinus infection for me, followed by a nasty cold for him, followed by a reaction to antibiotics for me whilst Greg’s cold persisted way longer than we expected. We’re only just getting to the point where we’re both feeling near healthy again which has been a relief after a less than ideal start to the new year!

5. Skyping America:

In my post about online friendships yesterday, I mentioned my lovely friend Caitlin who I met through blogging several years ago. We don’t chat as much as we used to as we’re both ridiculously busy (also, thanks time zones) but we’re the kind of friends where that doesn’t matter because we pick up right where we left off when we do get to talk. We scheduled an impromptu Skype call this week and, although it wasn’t for long, it was so nice to hear each others’ voices again, to discuss politics and the state of the world, and to talk about accents (it’s our default topic).

So that’s me. It was so lovely to hear from some of you last week and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your highlights so, if you’d like to join in, it’s easy! Send me a little note on Facebook or Twitter, or write your very own post and send me the link. Let’s get practicing gratitude together on a weekly basis – you’ll be happy you did!



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  • Jo

    Oh, I do love these posts! So glad you’ve started well on your New Year’s Resolutions! I’ve had a shakey start. I’ve started putting events in my diary, and I’ve made one new-ish meal. Oooh, but I have been putting my phone down when watching TV! So not too bad, but mine were all fairly small-ish anyway.
    I love how home is such a place of refuge, and you can just get to *be*. You can be down or upset or grumpy without pretending your not, and you can allow yourself to be a little more self-care-y. I’ve had that a little this week, what with being ill. I just wasn’t in the mood for all the things I needed to do, so I just decided not to do them (they were all blogging related one way or the other, and I knew if I forced myself, none of it would be of any good anyway.). So yeah, just sitting and allowing yourself to feel how you feel until you’re in a better mood is just awesome. As opposed to being at work and having to pretend all’s good. I’m so glad both you and Greg are both starting to feel better!
    Ok, so I have decided to switch my day for my own version of these posts from Sundays to Fridays to get involved properly. I haven’t posted one in a few weeks, what with Christmas and New Year, and then forgetting to take notice of good things, so when it came to Sunday, I couldn’t think of anything good worth actually writing about, ha! But I’m trying to pay more attention now, and think, “I’ll write about this on Friday.” I think it’s better that way anyway – better to be grateful in the moment rather than retrospectively.

    • You don’t sound like you’re doing too bad, especially considering you’ve been so poorly! Not exactly the right motivation for being productive is it?! I’m glad you gave yourself some time to relax and not put any pressure on yourself & I hope that you’re on the mend a bit now. You’re right about home being a place to just be yourself though, it’s such a wonderful feeling.

      Ahhh whenever you do these posts, I’ll be delighted to read them! As per your suggestion, I think I’m going to make next Friday’s post a link up so that’ll be handy I hope 🙂