Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #9

Happy Friday, you lovely creatures! Well, it has been a tough week around these parts as I’ve had a bit of a struggle with my mental wellbeing of late. I’m generally feeling stressed and exhausted practically all of the time so this week’s happiness post was a little more difficult to write than usual! However, things have improved towards the end of the week and I’m currently sat in my pyjamas ready for a night unwinding in front of the television; hurrah for that. So without further ado, let’s get into the five things that made me happy this week. As usual, I’d really love to hear what has put a smile on your face so leave me a little comment below!


1. A free breakfast:

Whilst struggling with my usual 2pm productivity-shutdown at work on Friday, I had a little scroll through twitter and retweeted a competition to win a free breakfast at Rosylee in the Northern Quarter. Thinking no more of it, I went about my daily business and then was surprised to find a tweet from them a couple of hours later to tell me that I’d won! Not being a usual competition enter-er, I was delighted. So, on Saturday morning, Greg and I took ourselves out into the glorious autumn sunshine and enjoyed an absolutely DELICIOUS breakfast courtesy of Rosylee. It was a lovely surrounding with fairy lights everywhere and, since food and fairy lights are but two of the routes to my heart, I was a very happy camper. This then set the tone for a generally delightful Saturday which included buying a terrarium, having a mooch around the shops, and curling up on the couch for the afternoon. Joy! Oh, I didn’t take a picture of the breakfast because I was too busy devouring it, soz.

2. Pinteresting:

Okay, this is so lame that I almost didn’t put it on the list but… I’m back into Pinterest in a BIG way. On Saturday afternoon, I wrapped myself up like a blanket burrito, armed myself with a large cup of tea, got myself wedged cosily in between Greg and Juno, and pinned like a woman possessed. And it was ridiculously therapeutic. I made plenty of new boards, updated some of my old favourites and, honestly, it now looks an absolute TREAT. Not to mention the fact that pinning Autumn and Christmas stuff has got me hugely excited for lovely nights indoors. You should totally check out ma new boards by the way…

3. Catching up with a friend:

Tuesday evening consisted of yet more food as I ordered a humongous chicken korma (YES, I SAID KORMA. I don’t like spice, okay?!) to scoff whilst catching up with my lovely friend Natalie. We don’t see each other particularly often so it’s always lovely to have a chat about what we’re both doing and what we want for the future; we also had quite a lot of laughs too which was just what I needed. We probably annoyed the stuffing out of everybody with our cackling but ya know what, I don’t care!

4. A hint of Christmas:

Wednesday morning was difficult. I woke up with my third headache of the week and attempted to prepare for a very draining morning at work. At 1pm, once the bulk of my day was done with, I felt like my brain was going to melt. Enter my awesome colleague Justine to the rescue! She desperately wanted to nip to Matalan to look at their new Christmas range and, despite feeling stressed and irritable, I went along with her. Well, it cheered me up no end! It was wall to wall Christmas in there and I got insanely excited about the festivities – being surrounded by baubles, wreaths, glitter, stockings, gift wrap, and Christmas home ware will do that to a person. It was delightful and definitely helped me get through the rest of the day!

5. Greg:

Not that I want to go all gooey on you, but Greg has been a superstar this week. Knowing that no matter how stressed out I got, I’d always end the day by coming home to my best friend has been exactly the solace I’ve needed recently. He puts up with the fact that I spend half of my life glued to my laptop, that I moan about my difficult job, that I am highly strung so stress comes naturally to me, and just takes it all in his stride. This week he has been making our meals every day whilst I crack on with the blog work, providing me with endless cups of tea, and just being generally patient whilst I oscillate between various moods. He’s kept me smiling all the way through.

Eeeek, no photos from me this week. Must try harder! I hope you’ve all had a splendid week and I wish you lots of weekend fun and adventures. Don’t forget to share your highlights and gratitudes with me below!


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  • Jo

    I will try to think of five, but I have two major ones to start with. First, yesterday I went on a Bumble date – AND I SURVIVED! It was touch and go for a while as to if it would happen, as he was unsure he’d get out of work early enough, so it was only confirmed a few hours before, which was really enough time for someone who hasn’t been on a date in over ten years to mentally prepare! I was bricking it! Part of me was trying to talk myself out of it, but I forced myself to go… and it was fine! Good even! I had a great night, despite some awkward silences, and things got more comfortable the more we both drank, and I had a great time! No real clue if I’ll see him again; there were elements that make me think he may not want to. But I made myself go on that date despite being so nervous, and it went well! It didn’t go badly! That made me happy! Never done online dating/dating apps before, but I gave it a go. I’m proud of myself, haha!

    Secondly, my friends have been amazing this whole week as I’ve been chatting to this guy and trying to work out if we could meet or not. Each little step closer brought it’s own round of nerves, and I must have driven my friends up the wall with my excitement/nervous squeeing. They were so supportive and encouraging when I was doubting myself and feeling unsure and scared, and generally just brilliant! It took a lot of pep talks, and even then I was still terrified! But they were just so awesome!

    The guy asking me if I’d like to go for a drink in the first place was pretty happy making. As was his understanding when I said I’d like to get to know him a little more first before I agreed.

    Um… something non-date related… I actually can’t think of anything. When I haven’t been working (though, to be fair, even when I was), my mind has been whirring about with the prospect of this date.
    But it’s done now, and I’m all kinds of happy! Sorry, this was probably a bit boring, lol.

    • Jo

      Oh my gosh, I just realised I didn’t actually comment on your happy things! Sorry!

      I’m sorry you’ve been having an awful week in general! 🙁 So awesome that you won that breakfast! What kind of breakfast was it? Your boyfriend sounds lovely, and getting to spend time with friends is always wonderful! I can’t believe Christmas is only two months away already! I’ve no idea what I’m going to get everyone! I need to get on it.

    • Hey that’s great news about the date! And, even if nothing comes of it, at least you’ll feel like the first one is out of the way so you can be a bit less frightened haha. I’m glad you decided to talk yourself around and go! Huzzah for your friends being supportive too – there’s nothing like dissecting the entire thing with your best pals haha. Really glad you shared your highlights with me, it made me smile 🙂

      Greg is lovely, I’m so lucky to have him! We had a full breakfast each, it was divine. Oh my, I know. This year is absolutely flying by but, having said that, I am so excited for Christmas. I’ve really embraced autumn this year and so I’m getting really giddy about the festive season being upon us!

  • Congrats on winning a free breakfast! I would have been so happy with that too. I love Pinterest lately as well! I find it so relaxing and it’s what I like to do as my night me-time. I really hope you are feeling better soon : )
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    • Pinterest is so relaxing isn’t it?! I’ve found it completely therapeutic recently, I’m just loving it! Have followed you on there so we can keep up with each others’ boards! 🙂 xx