Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #31

This week has brought us the tiniest taste of summer and it is delicious. I love the way that the city starts to warm up and people throw off their jackets and walk that bit more slowly to work. I just adore the sunshine! Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling particularly sunny in myself this week thanks to struggling to adjust to my newly vegetarian life (that bloating, y’all), feeling a general lack of energy, and then acquiring a snotty cold. I’ve been totally unproductive which, although I did feel some guilt about, I’ve reconciled that I just needed some time to recover. However, weeks like this were MADE for a happiness post so here’s what got me smiling this week!


1. A new nephew:

Friday night saw me, Greg, and his parents, nervously whiling away the hours whilst we waited for Greg’s sister to give birth to the first grandchild of the family. We ate fish and chips and we watched rubbish television, but really our minds were on how Greg’s sister was doing and how much longer it would take for the baby to arrive (he’d already been a long wait at this point!) Finally, at close to midnight, a gorgeously new human arrived into the world and it was joyous. I’ve never seen Greg’s parents so excited! They were like kids at Christmas racing off to the hospital to meet him. Greg and I got to meet him on Sunday and it was just magical to hold that delicious bundle in our arms and welcome him to the world.

2. A day out in Manchester:

Although I’ve lived in Manchester for well over a year now, I’m still only just starting to explore it properly. So, when our friends asked to come over with their children and visit some of the city museums, we were delighted for a chance to take in some of the local history. One thing you should know is that our friends have the most wonderfully behaved children in the world; they’re an absolute delight. We love having them over and they melt my heart every time! We saw dinosaur skeletons, egyptian artefacts, and huge aeroplanes, all of which made the kids (and the adults if we’re being honest) incredibly happy!

3. Beacon Fell:

I’m becoming somewhat of a groupie where Greg’s running is concerned. After our trip to Keswick last weekend, we took to the road again this time heading for Beacon Fell. Luckily, I wasn’t alone as two of our friends also turned out to offer Greg support on this 10k. It was a gloriously sunny day (I managed to take my coat off!) and it was lovely to just stand in the sunshine, clapping the runners along. Greg finished in 41 minutes which was a pleasant surprise to him and us all. We then treated ourselves to a well deserved pub lunch, obviously.

4. More veggie goodness:

I think I’m now in my third or fourth week of being vegetarian and, although I’ve had some struggles adjusting, I’m generally enjoying it. My sister-in-law has been veggie for as long as I’ve known her and she seemed really happy to have me on side. So much so that she very kindly sent me the surprise gift of a recipe book which came just as I was discussing how I’m going to need to get more creative with my cooking! It was really sweet of her and it was nice to have that support. Similarly, Greg went to do the shopping this week and he came back with all sorts of veggie treats. I could tell he’d taken time to think about what I might enjoy and he did super well! It was nice for him to accept my new lifestyle choice like that and actively help me with it.

5. A picnic in the sun:

This post is becoming very sun themed but I’m not sorry. Yesterday at work, my gorgeous friend made the excellent decision that we should make the most of the sun and go out to the park for our lunch. So that’s exactly what we did! Five of us took our packed lunches and basked on the grass for a glorious hour. I returned to work feeling completely revitalised, like the sun had charged me up, and it was just a lovely little treat in the middle of a quite ordinary day.


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  • Congratulations on your new nephew! There’s nothing quite as magical as a brand new human coming into the world – their whole life lies ahead of them and it’s so exciting!

    • Thanks Penny, he’s a beaut (but I’m heavily biased haha) Great to have you joining in, I’m just popping over to read your post now! 🙂 xx

  • Honeypot Blogs

    These types of posts always make me feel warm on the inside!! Well done on going vegetarian, it’s something I have been considering but I know I have to really start thinking about meal prep otherwise I will just end up eating meat again!! Also, a picnic in the sun just sounds like perfection!! Lovely post dear!!xx

    • Ah thanks sweetheart! That’s lovely to hear that these posts make you feel this way 🙂 I’d definitely recommend it; I’ve got a post on it tomorrow which might be helpful to you! Hope you’ve had a brilliant week 🙂 xxx

  • Rebecca

    great news about your nephew 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have a top time with him in the future. I’ve also ended up in some odd places watching my chap run but there’s usually a nice view, cakes and a cosy pub involved…. I’d recommend Yotam Ottolenghi recipes for vegetarian food – he writes about the food of the Med and Middle east – luscious :-)… I enjoyed the sun too and it’s back to soggy Manchester again this week 🙁 hope you’re having a great week. love Bec xx

    • Thanks so much! Haha yes I’ve definitely been a fan of the ones with a nice view and a place to stop and eat cake haha. Oh yes, I’ve had him recommended to me before so will definitely check him out! That’s my kind of food. It has been SO soggy this week hasn’t it?! Such a shame! Here’s hoping for a sunny weekend! xx