Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #10

Have you ever attempted to dry a cat? I have, just now. Juno got caught in the rain and, knowing how cats don’t like to be wet, I towel dried her and now she looks like an eighties popstar. She’s adorable.

Anyway, here are five of the things that made me happy this week!


A play:

Saturday evening was a very cultured affair spent eating Thai food and watching A Streetcar Named Desire at the Royal Exchange Theatre. It was SO pleasant to do something a bit different for a change and the show was absolutely brilliant. Maxine Peake had the lead role and she was incredible, I mean, seriously…wow. I didn’t know anything about the story which I always think is a lovely way to experience something because you have no expectations at all. It was an emotional rollercoaster but, three and a half hours later, we emerged out into the cold night having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


Best friend chats:

Everyone knows that a chat with one of your best friends totally beats a chat with anybody else. That’s because they know you so well and you don’t have to try hard and you can just be yourself without worrying about how you’re coming across. There’s something joyously therapeutic about that. I met with my friend in Liverpool on Sunday over breakfast (rounded off with a huge slice of lemon poppyseed cake with ice cream, oops) and we chatted about everything. We’re both having similar feelings about life right now so it was great to share that with each other and mull it over.

Cake and flowers:

After the aforementioned best friend date, I came home to find a beautiful autumn bouquet waiting for me, alongside a plate of freshly baked mini victoria sponges. I don’t know what I did to deserve this man but BACK OFF EVERYBODY. I’m not ashamed to say that Greg and I demolished all twelve cakes between us in a matter of a couple of days. They were delicious. If you hadn’t already guessed, cake is definitely the way to my heart.

happyA brighter week:

Having had a shitty few weeks, this week I really made an effort to understand what I was feeling and the potential causes for it. Thanks to a simple spot of mindfulness in the middle of the bathroom floor (all my best ideas seem to happen in the bathroom!), I realised that I was struggling to process my own feelings because there were lots of other people demanding that my resources be used on them. So, I made a mental note to make more time to acknowledge my own wellbeing and use some positive reinforcement on myself. This, coupled with a run of less stressful days at work, has culminated in me feeling much more my usual self and I’m delighted. I’m still making a conscious effort to be positive and send kindness out into the universe so I’ll hopefully be as good as new fairly soon!

Some autumn mugs:

What is life without some tiny joys? If you remember last week, I took a little trip to peek at some Christmas goodies at Matalan. Whilst paying for my things, I noticed some beautiful mugs that would be absolutely perfect for autumn hot chocolates but I totally got the fear and didn’t end up buying them. My lovely work colleague, however, decided that I needed these mugs in my life and ordered us four online. They arrived on Wednesday and they’re just adorable! I love a good mug anyway but these are just so pretty and they’re extra sweet because they’ve got our initials on. They were definitely good Bake Off company!

So that’s been my week! How did you get on? Don’t forget to leave me your highlights below!





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  • So glad you’ve had a better week. Also yes, I have towel dried a cat it’s hilarious and it’s un-believable how they can turn to actual liquid and slip through your fingers!


    • Haha that is the perfect description of what it’s like to towel dry a cat! So funny. Thanks darling Ciara, I hope you have a brilliant week ahead 🙂