Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #32

I’m not sure what’s going on at the moment but I feel as though the weeks are lasting forever. Not in a negative way, just in a way that means I’m ready for the weekend by around Wednesday. Probably my own fault for not getting enough sleep (does anyone else do that thing where they stay up late in a bid to hang on to every ounce of the day?)

Anyway, it’s finally Friday which means it’s time for a weekly happiness round-up. Also, I LOVED how many of you joined in last week so please keep sharing your stories, they make me feel the warm and fuzzies.


1. Afternoon tea

I’m not sure there’s a week that goes by without me mentioning cake having made me happy. Well, why make this week an exception? On Sunday, I travelled back to my home town to meet two of my lovely friends for afternoon tea. It was actually a present that I’d bought them both for Christmas but we’d not gotten around to going until now. However, it turned out well because it was a beautifully sunny day, perfect for sitting in an art-deco cafe in the park. Is there a greater pleasure in life than a scone with jam and cream? I think not.

2. Getting back to normal

I think the vegetarian detox has finally finished and I’m relieved to no longer be desperately guzzling probiotic yoghurts for my stomach or fighting to stay awake. Huzzah! I have felt really healthy and happy this week and it’s a relief to just be feeling like myself again.

3. Productive Monday

With all of the joy of feeling better, I catapulted head-first into Monday with aplomb. Yes, APLOMB. I’m not even going to pretend to be humble… I absolutely bossed it. Writing it down, it seems like a bit of a daft thing to be happy about but the perfectionist in me was absolutely rampant with joy. It was the kind of day where I jumped into bed feeling completely accomplished and like I deserved a good night’s sleep. Which I then promptly had.

4. A lovely thought


On Wednesday, I arrived home to find a hand written envelope on the doormat. I had no idea who it could be from and I opened it to find that my lovely friend at work had sent me a card containing just the sweetest note. Although we’ve only known each other for a couple of months (it’s inconceivable to me that she didn’t exist to me previously), we got on from the get-go and we’ve been basically inseparable since. She’s a beautiful human and it was so lovely for her to take the time to do something like that.

5. Peonies

We have a huge peony bush in our front garden and it started growing like wildfire a couple of months ago. I got excited thinking that beautiful peonies were imminent but I sadly forgot how slowly and studiously peonies like to reveal themselves. I feel like I’ve been waiting for ages. I have to walk past the bush to get to the front door so I assess them each time I go by and they’ve been shut so tightly for the longest time. Anyway. This week was THE week and peonies that are almost the size of my head are ablaze in the garden. Since we’ve had so much rain, I picked a couple off (even though they don’t enjoy being in a vase) just so I could enjoy them for myself. They’re stunning, I can’t get over the size of them! Small pleasures, eh?


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  • Jamie

    Yes, I do do that thing. And then regret it in the morning. Every. Single. Time.

    • Haha so glad it’s not just me, Jamie!

  • Ahhh I’m going for Afternoon Tea this weekend – isn’t it one of the best things ever? Definitely not good for the diet, but who cares, IT’S CAKE!!

    Those Peonies are stunning too – I am so envious that you manage to actually keep a plant alive, I successfully kill everything I’ve ever planted!

    Pen x

    • YES! It’s so brilliant! Just a wonderful excuse to eat more cake than is widely regarded as acceptable. What better way to spend an afternoon?! I hope your afternoon tea is lovely, I look forward to reading about it hopefully! I’m TERRIBLE with plants actually haha so you’re not alone! The peony was there before we moved in and we do literally nothing to it. It thrives by itself. My kind of plant haha! x

  • Your happiness round ups always make me smile girly! Your peonies are huge – WOW and oh so beautiful, I would love to have a peony or hydrangea bush in my garden – such lovely flowers! That is so sweet of your work friend to send you the handwritten note, it’s little things like that, that really do make a person’s day! 🙂

    Heather Xx

    • Ah thanks lovely! Hydrangeas are SO gorgeous aren’t they?! Such beautiful colours too. Maybe I’ll have to see about getting one of those too haha. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week darling girl! xx

  • Ah I love these posts, I need to start joining in again. Love hearing what makes you happy in the week 🙂 xx

    • Ah yay thank you! I need to get back to it myself haha. Love when you join in so yay please do 🙂 xx