Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #24

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that I didn’t publish a gratitude post last week. Let me reassure you that this isn’t because there was nothing to be grateful or happy about. It’s because there was almost TOO MUCH to be grateful and happy about! It was the first week of my new job and, honestly, I was utterly exhausted by 8pm most evenings. However, I’m pleased to report that it is all going really well, everybody is lovely and, although I’m not enjoying being the new girl, I know I’ve made the right decision. Yay! Anyway, here’s what got me smiling in the last seven days.


1. Being brave:

Okay, I don’t mean brave in any sort of heroic way, just in lots of tiny little ways. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a person who sometimes struggles with change and, despite being delighted about this new job and welcoming the change, there have been elements that I’ve found difficult. Especially since it’s a complete career change for me; I’ve been having a mini meltdown practically every day since I started! Anyway, I think I’ve been brave in accepting something completely different, in trying to immerse myself in an office of thirty-plus people (eeeek!), and trying to be confident in a field that I haven’t worked in before.

2. Gardening:

Since we’re coming up to springtime, Greg and I decided that we’d do some work on the garden so that we can have it all ready for summer entertaining. The garden as it was previously was suitable enough but featured a large amount of paving and patio which isn’t very comfortable or inviting. We were planning to make just a few changes but we’ve actually ended up with a Charlie Dimmock style redesign! At the weekend, we worked our butts off to lift all of the patio and to remove approximately fifty bags of soil so that we could flatten everything out. We were KNACKERED. The day after, I had pain in muscles that I didn’t even know existed! But it has been lovely to make lots of changes and I’m sure I’ll post a photograph here once we’re finished.

3. Some comedy:

On Monday night, Greg and I went to see Ricky Gervais at Manchester Apollo which was lots of fun. Greg absolutely loves Ricky and we’ve followed his career since the beginning really so it was great to go and see him again. Going to a show is always a joy for me; there’s something magical about a darkened auditorium and the suspense of waiting to be entertained. It turned out that we were also sat only a few rows away from Blossoms so I got to admire their luxurious hair up close.

4. A feminist play:

Good grief, I’m painting myself to be a total social butterfly aren’t I because I was out again on Tuesday. I know, two school nights in a row! Tuesday took me to the Royal Exchange theatre, thanks to my lovely friend Saskia, where we watched The Suppliant Women. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised. Apparently, this play is one of the oldest in living history and, although it has clearly been adapted, is still incredibly relevant on a number of levels today. The play features a chorus of young women who were absolutely mesmerising; it was very interesting and unique evening!

5. Being Editor’s Pick:

When I first started blogging, I always dreamed of appearing on the WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’ page. Myself and my blog have both gone through a LOT of changes since then but last week, six years later, I received an email to say that I was the Editor’s Pick on the WordPress Discover page! The post went live on there yesterday and I’ve had so many lovely new people coming to visit and leaving such wonderful comments. It has been an absolute delight. As I mentioned recently, I’m trying not to blog for the numbers anymore, so this delightful event felt like an ironic validation of my decision to just focus on the elements of this hobby that bring me joy. How funny!



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  • Jo

    Yay for bravery! You are so inspiring. How you went for a job you’d not done before, and completely changed job roles! That’s so cool! You got it, and you’re doing it, and it’s brilliant! If it doesn’t sound patronising, is it ok to say I’m proud of you?
    And yay for flowers and entertainment, and RECOGNITION! It’s *so* awesome that you got Editor’s Pick! I saw your screen shot on Twitter, and they chose such a great quote, too! I’m so glad it got you more readers! I’m going to head over to the original post now, to read the comments!
    So glad you had a great week!

    • Ahh thanks so much, Jo! It’s not patronising at all, that’s so lovely of you to say!! I really appreciate it. It has been a weird couple of weeks and it’s very much up and down but, as you said, I’m doing it. So that’s what counts!

      They did choose a good quote didn’t they?! I was secretly delighted with that! It’s so perversely hilarious that the moment I write about not chasing views, I get picked after wanting to feature on there since I started haha!! Looking forward to reading your happy things post 🙂 xxx