Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #25

Not that I want to bang on about it, but I have been so looking forward to sitting down and writing this post because this week has been fantastic. Having the chance to reflect on a week that has been positively joyous makes me so incredibly thankful and I feel ridiculously lucky! Thanks to those of you who joined in with the link up last week; it was nice to see some new faces and I’m looking forward to continuing to share happy moments with you all. Without further hesitation (because I’m already later with this than I’d planned), here are my highlights from the past seven days.


1. A weekend of friends:

I spent my weekend surrounded by friends, which is always a lovely place to find oneself. Even more lovely was the fact that some of them are going through some life changes at the moment so there were lots of congratulations in order! Saturday was a dreadfully rainy day so myself and a friend I met at university spent our afternoon curled up in the local coffee shops, clutching huge mugs of tea and chatting about anything and everything. On Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting a friend’s brand new house and the three of us had a mini housewarming involving eating lots of pizza and filling the house with laughter.

2. Lovely comments:

Since being featured on WordPress Discover, I have had the nicest comments from folks who have found my little blog. It’s heartening to know that there are still so many newcomers to this craft who are excited to hone their skills and make the most of it. I’m delighted to have been a teeny part of their journey and it has been wonderful to hear their stories and read their blogs!

3. Feeling better at work:

I’m now three weeks into my new job (it has FLOWN by!) and I’m starting to feel much more settled which is a relief. I had a bit of a wobbly week last week which I think was just due to the magnitude of the change. However, this week I have gotten to know lots more people and I feel like I’m making some actual friends now rather than just making idle small talk with people. I’ve been a lot more ‘myself’ (not sure that’s a good thing) so I’m feeling a lot less quiet and timid. Huge relief for this foghorn, let me tell you. I’m making an effort to socialise with people, to get to know about them and their lives, talking to people I’ve never met, and generally just trying to put myself out there. Even though it’s daunting, it’s also so much fun making new friends and it has undoubtedly been a highlight of my week. Also, everyone is so cool and totally nonchalant when I tell them that I don’t drink, or that I’m a feminist, or whatever. No questions, just total acceptance of who I am.

4. Choir:

It’s a little known fact that I’m actually okay at singing. That’s because I hate singing in front of people and it brings me all the fears. Which is weird, because I love singing. To the point where I drive everybody around me mad. Anyway, a lovely work colleague invited me along to a choir she is part of and, in the spirit of trying to immerse myself in new things and new people, I decided to go. I’m always a bit dubious about choirs because what I like about singing is that I can just blast a solo out in the car and take all of the glory (I’m the kind of person who sings both parts in the Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge). I’ve also been to choirs that are totally drab. However, the exact opposite was true in this case and I spent two hours surrounded by wonderfully feminist women with the most beautifully mad outfits singing Whitney medleys and the song from the Women’s March. I’ll definitely be going back!

5. A new city:

Even though I’ve lived in Manchester for over a year now, I sort of feel like I only really moved here three weeks ago. Prior to my new job, I spent almost all of my time in my home town because of work and I really only slept in Manchester and spent weekends here. Now that I work in the city centre, I have seen a whole new side to living here and I love it! I’m right in the middle of all the action and it’s great to be just a short walk away from pretty much anything I could possibly need. There are a million options for lunch, plenty of opportunities for after work drinks, and just so many beautiful buildings around. Today, I just sat out in the sunshine on my lunch hour, eating an amazing salad, and chatting with a new colleague. It was blissful!




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  • jennifer ijeoma

    Meeting up with friends and making new friends is definitely something i like to do. I have not been in a choir in a while and i seem to only know how to sing in the shower lately. However i have been nursing the idea of getting into one and thats not happened yet because i have been moving locations for awhile. Its good to know you obliged your friend and you enjoyed it. There is really something about singing in a choir! Congratulations on your new job too