Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #19

I had every intention of leisurely sitting down this afternoon with a cup of tea to reflect on the past seven days and write this post. However, as plans are so often wont to do, this dream promptly flew out of the window and I’ve had a much busier day than anticipated. Late for my own blog post! What is the world coming to. Anyway, here’s what made me happy this week. Don’t forget, there’s a little link up at the bottom of the post so share your stories with me too!


1. Parkrun:

Well I know I sort of swore that I’d never run again because it’s dreadful but, on Saturday, Greg convinced me to come along to our local Parkrun. He assured me that it wasn’t intimidating or competitive (two of the absolute minimum criteria required before I can ever consider running with a group of other people) and that I’d find it enjoyable. So, we turned up to our local park trail at 9am on a freezing morning and I was surprised to find myself one of around four hundred people! There were groups of women running with their babies in prams, people running with their dogs (I was overtaken by a cocker spaniel at one point – he was very fast to be fair), dads running with children on their shoulders, and groups just walking and talking around the course. It amazed me how many people were there for this community event and I managed to run two miles which is basically unheard of for me actually. It was still absolutely fucking horrible and I felt like I was going to die, but I was pleased with myself about three hours later when I’d finally recovered (and had a nap). If there’s a Parkrun in your local area, I highly recommend it!

2. A weekend of friends:

During the times where I wasn’t running or gymming, I spent most of the weekend surrounded by friends which was just delightful. Our lovely friends, Sophie and Paul, came over on Saturday afternoon for lunch and we had a chilly walk down the canal, hot chocolates in hand, catching up on everything. Then on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, I was reunited with some of my friends from university and we took to the town for some drinks and tasty food. There’s something so soul-affirming about reconnecting with people you enjoy spending time with and I left them on Sunday feeling very full of love and happiness.

3. A change in focus:

Since I started From The Fringe back in August last year, I have been working really hard to make it ‘successful’. I’ve been researching all manner of subjects relating to branding and business and driving traffic and getting social media results. And I’m EXHAUSTED. On top of everything else that’s going on (as well as the fact that I also replicate all of this work for The Olive Fox too), I’ve just completely worn myself out with scheduling and marketing. And you know what?! That stuff isn’t the fun stuff about this blog! I re-started a personal blog, not because I want to be pulling my hair out with tiredness every week, but simply because I wanted somewhere to write again. So I’ve decided to stop all that and just write when I want to, post on social media when I want to and, if I happen to gain followers in the meantime, then great. This will give me more time to research what I want to do with this blog and also for any other side projects (like that damn book I keep thinking about writing). So let’s see. I hope you’ll come with me for the ride!

4. Daffodils and sunshine:

Admittedly, it wasn’t there for long but I got the slightest hint of springtime this week. There have been a couple of days where we’ve been treated to glorious sunshine (even if it is cold enough to freeze your very fingers off), it has been lighter on the commute to work and, most importantly, there are daffodils in the shops. I treated myself to a bunch earlier in the week (I’m so romantic!) and also bought my friend and my Mum some too. They’re such happy little blooms, it’s lovely to see them out again and I can’t wait until they’re everywhere! Bring on the Spring please.

5. The Sopranos:

Thanks to the running, gymming, socialising, working and blogging, I’m knackered as I’ve already said. So, in an evening, I’ve simply been getting home, putting my pyjamas on and settling down in front of the The Sopranos. I haven’t been keen on a series like this for a while so it’s great to have a programme to get excited about again. This is usually followed by a couple of episodes of Bob’s Burgers (because, like Friends, they’re always on) which never fails to make me laugh. Ah, the simple things!

Okay, YOUR TURN! We had four link-ups last week, let’s try and make it five shall we?! Pop your link below and I’ll read and share your post with my blogging community. Let’s get happy together!

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  • Jo

    I was a bad link-up person, and forgot to check back last week to see if other people linked up! I’ll do better this week!

    But what a great week you had! Oh my god, I can’t bear the *thought* of running, let alone actually doing it. The only time I run is when I need to catch a bus. I am so unbelievably unfit, it’s ridiculous. But I like the sound of walking for a Parkrun. My mum and dad keep talking about walking more, so maybe I’ll see if I can find one, and we can all walk it together. But good on you for running when you hate it so much! I simply cannot, so kudos to you!

    I love that you got to spend time with friends this week! I also had a bit of a gathering, but with family. It’s so awesome to get together with your favourite people – friends or family – and have a good catch up! 🙂

    Oh my gosh, I love your change of focus for your blog! Because that’s pretty much just what I do, and I feel kind of guilty about it, like I’m not putting in enough work, but at the same time, all that extra stuff would just take the fun out of everything. And I already have so much to do! So I’m glad I’m not the only one now, and can feel less guilty. I tell myself, “Keep doing what you do, the readers will come,” and try to believe it, but for you, I’m sure they will come! Your blog is just too good a place for people to stay away! 🙂

    I have seen daffodils! I have been tempted to buy some, but from the shops near me, they tend to die pretty quickly, so I’ve decided against it. But I have definitely been feeling the need for some flowers. I’m hating the weather lately, too, it’s just ridiculous. Definitely bring on the spring. I’m excited to see the daisies pop up again – my favourite flowers!

    I don’t know The Sopranos, but I know the feeling of loving a programme so much you just want to watch it every night! The Good Wife and Poldark did it for me 🙂 And it’s so nice to just relax and do something that doesn’t take so much effort. Binge watching TV is just the best!

    Hope the next seven days are as good as the last, Suzy! 🙂

    • Yeah you could totally join it and then walk! It’s all for free and it’s just really nice to be doing something as part of the community. Over four hundred people were at the one I did last week, I was so amazed. You’ll have to let me know if you join one! Thank you for the kudos, I will gladly take it as I also hate running so I’m proud of myself for doing it haha.

      Definitely feel less guilty! I’m just sick of all the shit that comes with blogging now, like it’s gotta be a big brand and everything else. I’m too busy, I can’t be doing with it haha. Hopefully, the readers will come for us both! There’s definitely more chance of that if we’re both just writing because we want to and because it’s fun anyway.

      I saw some in M&S and I got mine from ASDA which are still going strong even thought I bought them last week. Maybe give some a go! Aww daisies are lovely, aren’t they?! It’s always nice to see the tulips too! That’s when you know Spring is really here.

      Well, I would say that The Sopranos does take effort because every episode feels like a film haha. And it can’t be quite violent a lot of the time. So if you’re okay with both of those things, then definitely give it a go because it’s really good!

      I’ve just stopped by to read and comment on your link up, thanks for joining in again! Even if it’s only a few of us, it’s still lovely 🙂 xx