Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #15

It has finally happened… I’ve finished for Christmas! HUZZAH! I honestly feel like it has been a slow crawl towards the finish line and I’m exhausted. So, to be sat here in my pyjamas under a blanket having spent the day wrapping presents and relaxing, brings me more joy than you can ever know. I’ve had the most festive of Decembers which has been utterly wonderful and there were more seasonal treats this week. So, without further hesitation, let’s dive into the things that made me happy this week!

happy christmas

1. The Philharmonic Orchestra:

On Friday night, Greg and I went to see a Christmas Concert performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra which had me positively overjoyed. I’ve never seen an orchestra live before and the sound just hits you in the face like nothing else. It was an hour of Christmas songs, stories, and poems and it was just delightful. They played Sleigh Ride at the very start which was so incredible that I kept turning to Greg, eyes alight, and saying “this is amazing!” At the end I overheard a woman say, “I felt a bit down before I came in here and now I feel lovely!” The whole performance really picked us all up and made us feel so incredibly festive, I loved it.

2. High praise:

After the Philharmonic performance, we headed to the Northern Quarter for Greg’s four hundredth work’s Christmas party of the year. It was great to meet all of the people that I hear so much about and discover that they are in fact real people with faces and personalities and interesting things to say. I managed to drop a Suzy faux-pas (it wouldn’t be a social event without one) by telling one of the people I was introduced to that I think we had already met. We hadn’t, I have just seen him on television before so that wasn’t awkward at all…

The best thing about the night, however, was the fact that almost every colleague I was introduced to felt the need to tell me how brilliant they think Greg is at his job. As Greg is a person who constantly downplays his abilities and is ridiculously under-confident, it was fun to be able to relay what everybody had said and force him to take it in!

happy philharmonic3. A weekend in Nottingham:

For the last six years, a group of four friends have had Christmas dinner every single year. It was a tradition that started at university and one that we have continued into adult life. Different people have come and gone from the group, but the core four have remained the same throughout. Last weekend was our designated Christmas dinner weekend and we took ourselves to Nottingham where one of the group is now living. We went out for dancing (and lots of drinking from the others) on Saturday night, then cosied up on Sunday with a Christmas dinner fit for a King and lots of games. It was the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and it genuinely just feels like a day with family. We all lived together previously so we’re super comfortable with each other and we can just be ourselves and relax like the dysfunctional family we are.

4. Finishing the shopping:

At approximately 7:30pm on Tuesday evening, I almost performed a victory lap around Tesco car park after finishing a marathon of a Christmas shop. Aside from the fact that I DEFINITELY can’t run that far, I chose not too since I was absolutely exhausted from the endless slog of Christmas shopping. I thought it was never going to end. BUT IT DID. I have never felt more triumphant.

5. Breaking up for the holidays:

Having done a large stint of my younger years in retail and customer service, I am so delighted to now have a job that lets me have two weeks off at Christmas. Given that it’s my absolute favourite time of the year, I love the feeling of breaking up and simply forgetting about everything for a fortnight. Similarly to the shopping, I just felt that I was crawling toward the finishing line wondering if I was ever going to make it. In the end, I sort of just went into survival mode and did the best I could before I could finally finish. Wednesday was that day and it was absolutely glorious!

What has filled your heart with joy this week? What were your small victories? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • The concert sounds wonderful, I might keep a look out next year for something similar near me. On Wednesday, Thomas and I went to the Nine Lessons & Carols at Leicester Cathedral for the second year running – I am such a shit atheist at Christmas, haha!

    • Haha well if there’s one time you can forgo your atheism, it’s Christmas! You can’t beat carols over the festive period, it’s just divine! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year, darling girl.