Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #13

Kids, it’s the third week of November and I think it’s officially glove weather already. I have just come in from outside and, good grief, is it cold! We’re hurtling towards December at an alarming rate and I feel the dreaded season of de-icing at 7am racing towards us. So, as of tomorrow, my mittens are officially a go.

It has been a weird old week and I’ve been suffering from lethargy and a little bit of sinusitis which has been pretty frustrating. However, there have still been plenty of highlights so here are my five happy things from the last seven days!


An autumn walk:

On Sunday, despite being extremely tempted to stay indoors all day, we got out into the crispy weather and went for an autumnal walk. Hot chocolate for me and coffee for him, we wandered through the leafy park just chatting about all sorts of things and generally enjoying being out of the house. I’m always in danger of becoming a total hermit as the nights draw in and the days get colder, but it was actually lovely to be amongst the many dog walkers and their muddy pups, the dedicated joggers, and the family bike rides.

autumnAn art exhibition:

All walked out, we drove to an art exhibition on Sunday afternoon where Greg’s sister was displaying some fashion photographs. She is an absolutely awesome photographer and I love her style (also, I promise I’m not just saying that because we’re practically family). Her shots were genuinely really impressive and I felt proud of her ambition, especially because we could overhear spectators admiring and enjoying them too. It was a pleasant change of scenery and it was lovely to support Greg’s sister.

A pizza and film night:

I’ve been excited to watch Arrival for weeks now and Tuesday was the night I finally got to see it. Home Cinema runs a pizza and film deal every Monday and Tuesday, so we took full advantage and made a night of it. When the cinema was based at the Cornerhouse, it was such a quirky and lovely place that I wasn’t sure whether the move to a new location would be a positive. But it’s a gorgeous place to eat and socialise and be entertained. I love it there! The pizza was great and the film was totally different to what I expected but in a very enjoyable way.

An award nomination:

On Wednesday, a lovely little email pinged into my inbox to tell me that the lovely Jo from Jo Scribbles had nominated my blog in the UK Blog Awards. I wasn’t sure that entering myself was a good idea but to get that support from a fellow blogger was just absolutely lovely. Jo is such a supportive force around here and I’m so grateful to have friends like her in this community. I’m almost positive that I won’t even come close to being shortlisted with my site being so new, but I’m going to give it my best shot! So, if you’ve ever enjoyed anything that I’ve written, please bear that in mind when I come to the stage of begging for your votes in December ha!

Rediscovering my productivity:

Feeling like my face has been full of marbles hasn’t exactly been the most fun so I’ve been feeling a bit lethargic and weary in general. Coupling that with the fact that I’m not at work at the moment and I’m all out of routine has been a bit of a pain for me. However, yesterday was my first day back to normality and, honestly, I absolutely stormed it with productivity. I’m so glad to be feeling clearer of mind (and of sinus!) and not feeling as though I’m wasting my entire life doing nothing. I’ve got lots of lovely weekend plans but I’m hoping that the organisation and full steam ahead attitude continues!

What have you been doing this week? What got you smiling and feeling grateful? I love to hear your stories each week so don’t forget to drop me a comment below!



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  • I really do love a good autumnal walk, it’s always so relaxing and calming to be around nature! Congratulations on your nomination too lovely!

    Also my sinuses have been playing up so badly this last month, I have the worst pain and headaches, mine seem to be clearing slightly now too, thank god!
    Heather Xx

    • You’re so right! I’m positive that it enhanced my wellbeing 🙂

      Sorry to hear that you’ve been having sinus trouble too, it really is such a horrible feeling. It’s the time of year! Mine are on the mend now too so hopefully we’ll both have a better week with it. xx

  • Jo

    You’ve had such an eventful week! I love the sound of your autumnal walk! I have a really gorgeous park that’s not too far from me that probably looks beautiful right now… but I’m not a big fan of being out without a warm destination that I’m heading to. I should probably be brave and just go and see all the beauty, though. I shouldn’t let the cold stop me!

    The art exhibition sounds awesome, and I love the sound of the pizza and film night your cinema runs! It’s such a great idea! Though for me it would probably have to be a steak and film night, haha! Not a pizza fan.

    Eee, I’m so glad my award nomination is one of the things that made you happy this week! That’s just awesome – not that it made this list, but just that it made you smile!

    I’m sorry you’ve been ill, but so glad you’re getting back to your productive self! It’s awesome when you feel like you’re on a roll and you’re getting everything done. Hope you continue to get better and that next week is bleurgh free! 🙂

    • Ahhh you should definitely get out there before it gets TOO cold. At the moment, there are still a few days where it’s a bit more mild and you can get bundled up with a hot drink and you don’t even notice the cold! But soon it’ll be freezing and nobody will want to go anywhere haha.

      Ah it really did make me smile, thanks so much. I hadn’t been sure about whether to enter or not and you nominating me just made my mind up even further! I’m really grateful 🙂

      Hope you have a splendid week my darling! xx