Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #1

I’m all about spreading joy and happiness here at From The Fringe and one of my absolute favourite ways to bring positivity into my life is by expressing gratitude. It’s so easy to get bogged down in negativity and complaining (I’m one of the worst offenders, trust me) that we forget to take stock and notice the minuscule, mundane, yet lovely things that happen each and every day. That’s why every Friday at From The Fringe will be dedicated to sharing five things that have made me happy throughout the week. I’d also love to hear about some of your joyful moments so don’t forget to share them in the comments!

five things that made me happy

1. Participating in a colour splash:

Saturday morning involved myself, my Mum and my brother, Jack, busily decorating white t-shirts in preparation for the Trinity Hospice Colour Splash. None of us being particularly artistic, we did our best and bustled out of the door at 11am and headed towards the beach. If you’ve never participated in a Colour Splash before (which I hadn’t) then let me set the scene. We arrived to a crowd of people wearing white t-shirts and adorned with neon sunglasses, sweat bands, and tutus, all of whom were hurling handfuls of coloured powder paint at each other. A nearby stage blared out feel good tunes whilst everybody ran around covering each other in colour and dancing along on the sand. The start whistle blew and we all ran towards the several colour stations where we’d be subject to yet more paint throwing throughout the 3km run. By the end, we were virtually unrecognisable and I had the horrible realisation that we’d all have to get into my freshly valeted car! But we had an absolutely great time and it was all for a brilliant cause; a very fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

five things that made me happy this week

2. Launching a new blog:

Despite being a busy bee working on The Olive Fox, I was so excited to relaunch a brand new personal blog this week. Writing is where my heart lies and I had started to miss having a space to come and sound off or ponder my thoughts out loud. I’m delighted to have started afresh with some of my favourite content and with a packed schedule of things to come! Thank you for your support so far, you’ve all been very lovely and I’m looking forward to trying to make this little project a success.

3. A cinema trip:

I’m one of those people who gets really excited about going to the cinema; I love everything about it. So by the time Wednesday rolled around, the cinema trip I’d scheduled with Jack was a more than welcome relief from having spent a massive amount of time at work already that week. We armed ourselves with an artillery of drinks, popcorn and nachos and settled in to watch Finding Dory (which was just adorable, by the way). Jack and I are really close siblings and we’re so in tune with each others’ thoughts that we just spend the entire time laughing and generally getting on like a house on fire so¬† between that and the film, I managed to forget all about work and life for a good few hours. Bliss!

4. A meeting of survivors:

A special gathering took place this week as I met with two girls who I hadn’t seen for seventeen years. We all met as patients at Manchester Children’s Hospital whilst suffering from childhood cancer. Having had the opportunity to go on a holiday camp in Dublin for poorly children, we all became friends over campfires, canoeing, and cheesy discos. What we didn’t realise was that the weekend we’d chosen to have our reunion was actually seventeen years to the exact weekend that we were at the holiday camp which was a nice touch! It was so great for us to be able to share our experiences with people who genuinely understood how things were then, and we all compared stories and how cancer has affected our lives more generally. Overall though, it was just lovely to acknowledge the fact that we’d been through something awful but had made it to our twenties and were all doing well for ourselves.

5. Supportive people:

My partner, Greg, is currently in Rio de Janeiro working on the Olympics and, by the time he returns, we’ll have spent a month apart. Okay, this may not seem huge to most of you but we’re a really close unit and it has been strange rattling around my little old house all by myself. Even Juno isn’t sure why there’s somebody missing! However, my friends and family have been so lovely and I’ve received a stream of texts with offers to come for tea or simply just checking on how I’m doing and how Greg is getting on. It’s a beautiful feeling to know that there are people thinking of you and wondering about your wellbeing.

So that’s how my week has been…what have you been up to? Let me know what has made you smile!


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