A Currently Post: October 2016

I looked at my diary on the desk the other day and there are so few pages left for this year, it’s frightening. It has flown by! Although you’ll get no complaints from me as I’m already feeling ready for a fresh start and new year; 2016 hasn’t exactly been brilliant has it?! Besides a psychic very reliably informed me that 2017 is going to be MY YEAR (what a fucking cliché, right?!) so bring that the hell on.

This post was supposed to happen on Friday but, honestly, I couldn’t face writing it so I just didn’t. How’s that for progress on the self-care, y’all? Proud of myself. Anyway, here we are with a very dinstinctly un-Halloween post for this most haunting of days. It’s my Currently for October!


Currently: October 2016

Five happy things:

Afternoon tea: I feel like all I ever talk about on this blog is cake but I feel it’s a completely worthy topic, don’t you?! Last Saturday, myself and my family trucked up at the Townhouse Hotel in Manchester for a splendid afternoon tea. I always make the fatal error of thinking there isn’t going to be enough when they initially bring the cake stand out but, approximately four thousand egg mayo sandwiches and a migraine-inducing amount of sugar later, I can confirm that there was certainly enough. Everyone then stayed over for the night and we had the audacity to have a buffet later on after everything we’d already eaten.

happyThe Lumineers: To round off an incredibly busy weekend, Sunday night saw Greg and I traipsing to The Apollo to see The Lumineers (even though we were knackered). We had an absolutely joyous time – despite it being hotter than the actual surface of the sun in there – and came away feeling all aglow, a lovely Lumineers print in hand. They actually asked everybody to put their phones away and just enjoy themselves which was awesome and they also performed a song without any electrics. They were quirky and brilliant and they’re all pretty hot and wonderful.

Jamie’s Italian: I visited Jamie’s Italian in Manchester on Monday evening to catch up with a lovely friend who I used to work with. We had an enjoyable time and ate some delicious food (spinach and ricotta ravioli for me in case you were wondering). The restaurant is in an old bank and it’s honestly just stunning. The ceilings are high and the space airy and huge; these old buildings are one of the things I love about the city!

The Bake Off final: What felt like the entire nation sat down to enjoy the Bake Off final on Wednesday night and BOY was it emotional! Yes, I had a little cry because I actually really liked Candice (back off haters) and I always find it lovely when somebody feels that they’ve succeeded their own expectations. I’m refusing to bid farewell until the Christmas episodes are over, although I did very much enjoy Greg James’ hilarious rendition of Goodbye My Bake Off which you should totally check out.

A new diary: Last January I bought a reduced-price diary from Tesco in the middle of January because I (yet again) made the decision that I was going to be a person who uses a diary. It worked! This year, I accidentally started bullet journaling (before I even knew what that was, I’m so effing cool) and it has changed my life. Now I can’t possibly be without a diary so I’ve gone the whole-hog of being a diary enthusiastic and bought a fancy one for £10 from Paperchase in the middle of October. It arrived this week and I feel like making 2017 plans just so I can write in it.


That things take time and rushing, pining, and generally being an impatient bean is not going to help. I have been beside myself for the last goodness-knows-how-many months and, honestly, it has been pretty awful because I’ve just been refusing to accept the here and now in favour of desperately longing for the future. I still have mini-meltdowns every now and then but I’m feeling a lot calmer over the last few days. I know that slowing down and waiting patiently for the rewards of my hard work is the way to go.

Getting excited about:

Christmas! The nights are drawing in, Halloween is almost over, and it’s nearly time to legitimately start thinking about the festive season. Not gonna lie, I’m a pretty stringent it’s-not-Christmas-until December kind of person, but I absolutely LOVE the build-up to it all. I’ve started thinking about the gifts I’m going to buy and where we’re going to put decorations and it’s all so magical. For me, there’s no better way to beat the winter blues than by thinking about Christmas.


Much more healthily (since the afternoon tea). I’d been hurtling towards saturation point with food for quite some time and the weekend of sugar and stodge was the literal icing on the cake. I was sick of feeling sluggish and bloating and eating rennies like they were going out of style. So I’ve reverted back to eating fruit, reducing my portions, and eating less cake, biscuits and general junk. Feeling miles better already!


Tights and scarves and coats and, pretty soon it’ll be cold enough for MITTENS. What a time to be alive. It’s most certainly starting to get crispy out there and I love the reintroduction of cosy clothes. Except for the fact that I now want an entirely new wardrobe and thought I’d make a start on that in Matalan on Thursday only to get to the counter and realise that I’d forgotten my purse. Good work, Suze! Anyway, I’ll just have to get my online shop on. No problem.

Right well I’ll leave it there because there’s a little cat here waiting to be fed. What have you been up to this month? What have your highlights been? Let’s share stories!



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  • Rene

    Cake will always be one of the best things to talk about, haha. I am ready to get the holiday season started also, because it’s been quite the year, and I’m ready to have some cheer to celebrate! Enjoy your day today!

    • Yes you definitely deserve to celebrate and relax a bit!

  • Ksenia

    Suzy – sending you lots of great thoughts. I imagine that the teeny tiny paragraph you’ve dedicated to ‘accepting’ has had a much greater impact on your life and wellbeing than the number of lines you’ve articulated so concisely, major kudos to you for relaunching this blog and then putting such positive and uplifting posts out there, week in and week out. Keep them coming but also don’t ever lose sight of taking time to take care of yourself (easier send than done, I KNOW) so you can keep going long term. I may slightly speak from personal experience! 😀


    • Ksenia, this is such a lovely comment. You’ve really made me smile, thank you! It’s so wonderful to hear that people are enjoying what I put out there and I’m just going to continue slowly working towards my goals of making a success of it all. You’re also such a positive force in this blogging world and it’s something to be proud of!! But yes, looking after ourselves is key (eek!) Thanks again for your beautiful comment 🙂 x