A Currently Post: August 2016

I’m really enjoying writing my little happiness round-ups at the end of each week so I thought I’d expand them for the last Friday of the month and get back into an old habit: the good old Currently Post! I’ll still be squeezing my five positive experiences in here, but there’s much more of an overview of what I’m currently up to (hence the name!). Feel free to drop a comment below to let me know what you’ve been doing under each of the headings! Happy Bank Holiday weekend, loves.

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Currently: August 2016

Five happy things:

An entire weekend of spa based activities. Lots of sauna, swimming, jacuzzi, massage, and pampering. Just what I needed!

I had a bluetooth kit installed in my car this week which means I can now listen to playlists rather than just the radio or my CDs which I know absolutely every word to. A simple but effective way to cheer up my commute.

On Tuesday I went out for pizza with a new friend which was lovely. Both of our partners have been in Rio for the last month so we decided to have a natter together before heading to the airport to retrieve them. It was nice to talk to somebody new, to find out more about her and to have somebody close by in my new home town!

Greg arriving home was obviously a highlight of my week. It was so nice to be reunited with him and to have a bit more life in the house than just me and little Juno. Seeing his name credited at the end of the Olympics was also a proud moment!

Bake Off returned with, quite possibly, some of the most hilarious jaffa cake making ever witnessed. So glad it’s back!


To love myself a little more. There were two separate occasions this week where I had to wear a bikini or get changed in front of other people, something that fills me with more than just a bit of panic. However, owing to the fact that I’ve lost a little bit of weight and realising that there’s absolutely nothing I can do about my war wounds and scars, I tried to just forget about it. And I genuinely think that, for the first time in my life, I didn’t feel drastically self-conscious about everything! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have wanted to be photographed or anything, but I didn’t feel the need to cover up constantly. This is a huge step for me and it sort of crept up on me which was rather surprising.


Another trip to the USA, eeeek! We absolutely loved our time there last Autumn – write up coming soon (ahem, shameless plug) – and we’re keen to get out there again. I’m not a natural traveler so a trip to a destination so far away is daunting (especially now Greg is a long-distance pro), but I’m trying my hardest to stay relaxed and just focus on enjoying the process!


Some GREAT television. I’m watching Sopranos for the first time which is proving to be absolutely brilliant (so much love for JG!), I’m just entering series three of House Of Cards (how freakin’ scary is Kevin Spacey though?!), and I’ve had a recent Orange Is The New Black binge too (although I’m not as keen on this most recent series). Of course Bake Off is back so I’m delighted with that and the same goes for First Dates which just never gets old for me. Oooh, I was also introduced to Naked Attraction which is one of the strangest, but most addictive, TV shows I’ve ever seen. So awkward but so intriguing! Finally, I saw The BFG at the cinema last weekend which was just adorable.


That people seem to be enjoying my new blog and my writing. I really hope that I can turn this little space into a source of inspiration, empowerment and happiness for others and I can’t wait to meet more wonderful people. I’m still getting myself sorted and working out a rhythm but I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time! So, thank you.


The universe to make a plan for me. I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m ready to change things and work towards my goals and dreams; I’ve honestly never felt so ambitious before! However, I know that things take time and opportunities need to be hatched not snatched so I’m working on being patient and waiting for the universe to reveal what’s in store for me.


With the weather! I’m currently sat on the couch with a blanket over my knees and the shutters closed against a dreary, rainy night. Seriously hoping that September has got some leftover sunshine to hand out because August has not been the one.


When I’ll get chance to have a life catch up. I’m currently working full time, commuting around ten hours a week, involving myself in a packed social schedule AND managing my own blog and The Olive Fox. I’m exhausted! I feel like I could just do with a week or so off to get all of my plates back up and spinning so that I can have a five minute breather so fingers crossed for the Bank Holiday!

So that’s me for the moment, how have things been with you this month?


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