I’m a massive fan of self-love. I cherish the idea of us all being wonderful to ourselves and investing the majority of our time and energy into our own selves and wellbeing. We’re all so brilliant in our individual ways and it seems a waste to forgo that chance of unadulterated self-love in favour of being awful to ourselves. The problem is, I’m terrible at it. There’s often a lot of pressure that comes with being told you’ve got to love yourself. I mean, the phrase “if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect somebody else to love you?”… View Post

Over the past weeks and months, you’ll have undoubtedly heard countless messages about spreading love even in the darkest, most hate-filled of times. You’ll have seen beautiful outpourings of love and support in an attempt to cancel out the hate that has touched so many people’s lives recently. You’ll have heard the phrase “love conquers hate” enough times for it to have become a mantra. But what if your first reaction to an act of terror isn’t love? What if the first thing you feel is hatred? Because you’re hurting, and you’re scared, and you’re angry that something so senseless… View Post

I used to think that being an over-invested friend was a negative trait, something that I needed to remedy. But fuck that. I’ve decided to embrace my tendency towards over-investment and relish the positives it brings. If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I give my absolute all to relationships. I can’t help it, I’m just made that way. I love socialising, I grab any opportunity I can to bring people joy, I’ll always naturally want to help a person in need, and I generally offer myself as a friend to anyone I connect well with. There’s… View Post

If you’ve ever spent any length of time lamenting the country’s public services, you wouldn’t be the only one. I’ll admit that I’ve definitely been a person who has bemoaned the way that things are run, inevitably coming up with suggestions that would immeasurably improve circumstances if somebody would only have the sense to consider it. We moan about the attitudes of the police, or how long it takes for an ambulance to arrive, how awful the NHS is, how the Councils never do anything about our complaints. It’s so easy to do, seeing the difficulties in our society and… View Post

I have a really distinct memory of being around twelve years old and travelling on a packed train which was bustling with commuters and business-bods. There were broadsheets being held aloft, suits being carried in bags, and phones being answered. These people appeared to be connected via a frenetic wavelength that didn’t seem to be accessible to me, that felt alienating to me, and I remember feeling sad that they were missing the countryside whizzing by or that they were using their phones for jargon and shop, rather than calling their friends or loved ones. I resolved right at that… View Post