It may surprise you to learn that I didn’t just spring into this world as a sparkling, glittering, ready-made feminist. I know! Shock, horror! What can I say, I style it out so that I may attempt to obliterate any evidence of those days when I thought being an ‘equalist’ was cool. For fucks sake. ANYWAY. At the age of about fifteen, I realised that I had an interest in how the world works simply via my chance decision to take Sociology as an A Level. Yeah, okay, I know that Sociology is the subject that everybody loves to take… View Post

As the girl sat at the desk in front of me loudly declared that she thought it was time I started shaving my legs, I realised that the secret I’d been trying to keep hidden under my knee length socks would finally need to be addressed. As one of the last remaining vestiges of my childhood (and because my mum didn’t want me to start shaving – she obviously knew I was letting myself in for a lifetime of incessant maintenance), I was one of the only girls in the class who hadn’t been de-fuzzing and now I’d been called… View Post

I looked down at the half rack of ribs in front of me and considered whether I’d be able to fit them in after the fairly large gammon and stuffing sandwich I’d just demolished. Being a person who simply cannot resist the offer of ribs, I decided I could definitely give it a go and approximately five minutes later I sat with a pile of bones in front of me contentedly licking my fingers. You see, I’m not really a slim-line, fat-free kind of girl. Whist I attempt to eat healthily and curb my ferocious appetite as much as possible, my… View Post

Let’s get something straight. Just because two people share the same public space, it does not mean that their own personal boundaries cease to exist. There are a great deal of folks all walking the same streets, sitting on the same buses, occupying the same office blocks; all of us sharing our spaces together. What is important, and what keeps everything functioning according to the underlying social rules, is that all of us maintain our own personal space within the wider public space. Just because our bodies are out in the public domain does not automatically render them ‘fair game’ to… View Post

Now that I’m entering my late twenties, I regularly get bombarded with comments about how I must start thinking about having children because having them young is the best time to have them and because, seemingly, nothing I do outside of my ovary function is of any interest to anyone. Being a badass young lady and a fierce feminist with buckets of ambition, you can imagine how frustrating this can be. To give you an example; I wrote a list of thirty things I want to do before I reach thirty years of age. It features such items as starting a… View Post