Appearing only as a shadowy figure against the moonlight, Ara worked her way nimbly across the creaky wooden floorboards. Her moves were calculated and precise, practiced a thousand times before, as she flitted around the tired bedroom gathering her materials. As she hefted her final piece of apparatus, an ancient typewriter, out from under a pile of clothes and placed it on the desk as tentatively as was possible, she came suddenly to a complete standstill. Ears pricked against the abyss of the night, Ara listened for the tell-tale sound of tinkling and clinking of glass. Nothing. She breathed a… View Post

“A businessman in a dull suit stands outside a fancy tailors in town gazing lovingly at a pale blue coat and some maroon brogues on display.”* The shop window thrust a slanted square of yellow light across the pavement, permeating the dusk that had gradually begun to envelop the city. He stood amidst the illuminated shape, casting a stark, black shadow behind him. Amongst the wave of evening commuters bustling along wet pavements, jostling at bus stops and steadily descending into the maze of tubes below, he stood tall and still against the tide, unmoving. He gazed into the window… View Post