The Beautiful Cat That Nobody Wanted

They say that good things come to those who wait, and the wait to invite beautiful little Juno into our home was certainly no exception.

Having only moved into our new house in December, we knew we wanted a cat but envisaged that it probably wouldn’t happen until perhaps Springtime. That was until February when Greg sent me a photo of a gorgeous little feline who was in desperate need of a home. A tiny fluffball, Jinx (as she was then known) had piercing green eyes, a kitten-like face, and a wonderful white beard under her adorable white chin. Reading her story, it was clear that she’d had a difficult start in life having had to share a flat in terrible conditions with up to twenty other cats. On top of that, Jinx was pregnant and had given birth to a litter of kittens before she was even a year old which had sadly made her very poorly. Not getting the care she needed, Jinx and her kittens (along with the other cats in the household) were temporarily rehomed at Warrington RSPCA centre.

We knew immediately that we wanted to see this little wonder for ourselves, so we excitedly booked an appointment for the next day.

juno catNothing could have prepared us for how quickly we fell in love with Jinx. The prettiest face we’ve ever seen greeted us affectionately as she rubbed her whiskers on our hands and sleeves. At one point she even rolled over to show her fluffy belly and we were completley sold (she knew how to work us, even then!) We were informed that Jinx was approximately three years old and, in addition to her already traumatic story, had been visited on numerous occasions only for every single person to have chosen a different cat from the compound. The poor bean had stayed with the RSPCA for nearly eighteen months, long after her kittens had been snapped up, just waiting for somebody to come and give her a forever home. The thought of walking away and leaving her there for goodness knows how much longer was too much for me to bear and I knew I wanted us to be the people who gave her the life she deserved.

We nipped home to have a think about things and double check that our house was cat-ready and, upon deciding that it was, we called to confirm that we’d take Jinx.

A week or so later, having bought a truck load of lovely things for Jinx, we were excitedly preparing for her imminent arrival. We’d had our home visit which had all gone well and I received a phonecall the next morning. Thinking that it would be the RSPCA calling to arrange a pick up time, I was completely sideswiped to find that they had actually called to say that we couldn’t have her.

I’m not going to lie, I took myself off to a quiet room at work and had a little cry. I was just so forlorn at the thought of her remaining at the RSPCA indefinitely (or worse) despite knowing that we could give her a fantastic home. The problem, they told us, was that we live on a main road which is flanked with houses on one side (where we live), and the canal on other. The home visitor had mentioned this in their follow up report and the folks at Warrington RSPCA felt that this was too much of a danger. Whilst we completely understood their point, we knew that we’d never let her out at the front of the house and that she’d much prefer the park and gardens to the rear. We also felt that, given the fact that Jinx had been waiting for a decent home for nearly three years, it would be sad to deny her this simply because of the road situation. Knowing that adopting was what we wanted, we pleaded with the RSPCA to give us further consideration and a lengthy discussion ensued.

Thankfully, they conceded that there is only so much any cat-owner can do to prevent their cat from being hurt or injured whilst outside and acknowledged that we would be taking extra precautions given our proximity to the main road. No home is perfect and we knew that the main road was a better compromise than letting her be rehomed with somebody who was likely to mistreat her or leave her alone every day. I’ve no doubt that the fact we were so passionate about Jinx told the RSPCA everything they needed to know in terms of what kind of cat-parents we’d be and, coupled with the fact that seemingly nobody else wanted her, we were delighted to hear the news that they had reconsidered and changed their decision.

juno catSo, the gorgeous little furball came home with us that very weekend and has been a wonderful addition to our family ever since. With the help of my bestie, Beth, we renamed her Juno and started the process of getting her used to her new home. Juno began as a timid creature who didn’t like the noise of neighbours, or the television, or cars outside and she needed plenty of reassurance (and treats) that everything was going to be okay. However, she is now growing in confidence every single day and is revealing more and more about her personality as the months go on. She’s ditsy sometimes and has funny little quirks like not wanting to walk on certain textures, she’s loving and affectionate and throughly enjoys the company of her family, and she’s daft and runs around like a banshee every single night. As for the outside world, she’s slowly getting to grips with navigating the multitude of sounds and smells and is just enjoying spending time in the back garden for now. We know she’s unlikely to ever be a fierce hunter but she’s gaining in bravery every day and we’re just happy that she is getting to explore what kind of cat she actually is.

I had forgotten how absolutely head over heels you can be about an animal, but I simply cannot get over how cute Juno is. She’s much loved by us both and we couldn’t imagine life without her! We’re so glad we fought for her and we’re delighted to see her transforming into this crazy, adorable, little fluffball in front of our very eyes.


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  • Aw, I had no idea that Juno had such a backstory! Poor sweetheart! It’s so weird to me that they didn’t want to give her to you – isn’t the situation pretty much critical when it comes to unwanted cats in shelters? Anyway, I’m glad you got Juno. She’s so pretty, and she even lets you have nice things. That’s rare in a cat. She’s like a little angel. I spent months Loki-proofing the flat, and she still got into the water heater and I had to dismantle my kitchen only to find that she could have got out the whole time…

    • Yeah! Poor little bean. That’s why we were so desperate to have her, we knew we could give her a lovely home! I think that’s why they conceded in the end; they knew they were struggling to house her. Haha she is a total angel compared to Loki, oh my goodness. I can’t believe you had to pull your entire kitchen out. I bet she just nonchalantly wandered out as well didn’t she?!

      • Yep, after like five hours of truly harrowing mewling from seemingly nowhere, she just slid down from between the pipes at the bottom of the heater. The movers took pictures of her in it so that they’d be believed at the pub later. At least they got a good story out of it. Meanwhile I think my hair grayed a little bit that day.

        • Oh my goodness haha! I bet you were mortified!! Glad they saw the funny side of it though! Little minx, she is.