An Awesome Trip To The USA: New York (Part Two)

Okay, so when I last left off we’d already covered some of the finest delights that New York has to offer, including the High Line, the Rock, and the brilliant US Open. Luckily, on top of this we still had three more days to spend in this incredible city; here’s how we got on with the final leg of our NYC journey…

new york statue of liberty

Day five saw me crying my eyes out on an open-topped ferry in front of, quite literally, a boat-load of tourists. Okay, I know that this sounds like a terrible start to a story about New York but bear with me! The reason for the crying was because I have an anxiety about being disorientated and boats are public enemy number one for me in this arena. However, on the third (yes, third) trip to the waterside, I finally conceded that I couldn’t come all the way to NYC and only see the Statue Of Liberty as a teeny green speck from several miles away. So I got myself onto a boat for the first time in over a decade and promptly had myself a panic attack. However, once I’d gotten used to the idea that this wasn’t going to be anything like the beginning of Castaway where Tom Hanks is on that godawful yellow dinghy thrashing about on the sea for months on end, I finally managed to calm down.

I didn’t really think I was particularly bothered about the Statue of Liberty but it was actually really cool to be sailing across the water towards this iconic landmark, leaving the high-rise madness of Manhattan behind. Not to mention the fact that post-panic attack I was absolutely full to bursting with adrenaline so you could have probably shown me an old boot and I’d have still been really enthusiastic. Roasting in the sunshine, we grabbed ourselves a huge and delicious lemonade from an overpriced stall and wandered around Liberty Island marveling at the historic green lady.

brooklynAfter all of the drama, some sustenance was needed so we headed to the famous Landmark Diner, one of the last original diners in New York City. Maple bacon and waffles consumed we hit the road and headed to the West Village which we absolutely loved. A vibrant, down-to-earth, and quirky place, we felt immediately at home within the studenty-young professional vibe. Oh, and we also spied Amy Schumer getting out of a taxi, full bottle of wine in hand, on her way to the Comedy Cellar. That evening, we stopped at an Italian restaurant for tea, followed up our meal with an independent film at a local cinema, and made plans to return to the West Village to catch some comedy for ourselves.

At this point we left New York for a few days as we ventured off to explore Boston but there will be more on that another time. For now, we shall rejoin New York on day nine of the trip…

Returning to the city that never sleeps, we set down roots in a snazzy basement apartment in Brooklyn and headed back into the throng to meet a lovely blogger friend of mine, Courtney. The joy of blogging is being able to meet like-minded people from all over the world and, throughout our wonderful trip, I was lucky enough to meet two of them in real life for the first time. We met Courtney at her hotel and made our way to The Smith for some beautiful food served in the most gigantic portions (yay USA!) It was so lovely to chat to Courtney in person and also to give Greg a glimpse into the blogging world which is so precious to me. After filling ourselves to the brim, we stopped at a couple of bars for drinks and of course had a peek into a Christmas shop which is open all year round. It was pretty surreal to be listening to Christmas music and immersing ourselves in baubles, glitter, tinsel and lights… all whilst it was a thirty degree, balmy September evening outside. That’s New York for you!

new york brooklyn bridge

Although it looks like this is somebody’s wedding photo, this beautiful shot of the couple in front was purely accidental!

Having traded Chelsea for Greenpoint, on day ten we decided to walk from Brooklyn back to Manhattan so that we could experience the impressive Brooklyn Bridge. It was a long walk made all the more interesting by the fact that we accidentally wandered through a Jewish community which was in the midst of Rosh Hashanah, or Jewish New Year. We stuck out like beacons in our shorts and trainers as everybody around us was dressed in traditional, formal Jewish attire but it somehow managed not to be uncomfortable and we enjoyed the sight of families walking hand in hand and greeting their friends on the street. The Brooklyn Bridge was busy and rather stressful (I narrowly missed being run over by a cyclist on several occasions) but the vantage point over the city was just brilliant. Gorgeous blue skies overhead, the traffic honking and idling below, the water glittering, and the landscape surrounding us, we tried to breathe everything in as we enjoyed the last stage of our long walk. Absolutely exhausted, we spent a fairly relaxed afternoon with our bums parked on various benches around the city and meandering through Central Park, all in anticipation of visiting the Comedy Cellar later that evening (YES, we managed to get tickets, eeek!)

The one thing you don’t want when you’re attending an intimate comedy gig is to be sat directly at the front in full view of the waiting comedians. Well, that’s precisely the situation we found ourselves in on our visit to the fantastic Comedy Cellar and, boy, did we know about it. Or rather Greg knew about it as he was incessantly made fun of throughout! That aside, we had a fantastic evening of belly laughs and had an extra delight when we realised that the special guest for the evening was none other than Louis C.K.! We were so delighted to have gotten tickets to such a tiny venue and we had an absolute blast. Definitely one of our trip highlights!

At this point we took another little journey away from NYC, this time to Washington. Again, there will be more on that another time but here’s our very last day of being in New York City, and our very last day of the entire trip…

We decided to spend our last evening in style and awoke on day fourteen in a beautiful hotel overlooking Times Square. Goodness me, did we have a fantastic view! From our huge, squishy bed, we faced two walls made entirely of glass so that we could look out on the whole city. We even slept with the curtains open so that we could experience the shimmering lights for one last time and witness the sun coming up on the last day of our wonderful USA adventure. Well rested and already feeling nostalgic for the wonderful time we’d had, we headed once more for Grand Central Station to partake in one final part of historic New York culture… Junior’s Cheesecake. I mean, if we’d have wanted to eat away our sorrows, this was certainly the place to do it as we were served the biggest slab of cheesecake we’d ever seen! It definitely set us up for the humongous day of traveling ahead and gave us the energy to bid an enthusiastic farewell to wonderful, crazy, exhausting, exhilarating, New York.

new york


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  • WHAT I had to wait this long to find out you saw Louis CK??!!!

    • Hahaha twelve months is my usual for keeping secrets. It was all trial material but he was still really funny!

  • Two Book Minimum

    This trip sounds like it was lovely!

    • Ah it really was! We had such an amazing time, we can’t wait to come back. Perhaps we can meet up next time! 🙂